2015 Storm Chasing Tour Schedule

Available seats are quickly becoming scarce on all remaining tours (Tour 2, 3, 4 and 5). If you need to make a reservation for more than 1-person, please email for availability before using this form to make a reservation. Thank you.

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2015 Storm Tour Schedule

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2015 Storm Chasing Tour Schedule
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Tour 1
Apr 24Apr 25May 1May 26$2450
Tour 2
Dryline Magic
May 2May 3May 9May 107$2750Reserve Now
Tour 3
Lecture Tour
May 10May 11May 17May 187$2750Reserve Now
Tour 4
Master Class Tour
May 19May 20May 29May 3010$3850Reserve Now
Tour 5
Photo Workshop Tour
May 30May 31Jun 5Jun 66$2625Reserve Now
Tour 6
Awesome Upslope Tour
Jun 6Jun 7Jun 12Jun 136$2600
Tour 7
High Plains Drifter
Jun 13Jun 14Jun 19Jun 206$2600

Tour Descriptions:

Tour 1 - We are working with a television production team and for the past three seasons they have reserved every seat on Tour 1 for their team and their gear. They have extended their contract with us and we are pleased to have them returning in 2015. This tour is sold out.

Tour 2 - "Dryline Magic": The dryline is the boundary that separates warm, moist air and hot, dry air. In early May, it is typical for the dryline to sit in a south-north axis that runs throughout west Texas, up through the Texas Panhandle and into western Kansas. This boundary provides a crucial support system for supercell thunderstorms, most commonly in May.

Tour 3 - "Lecture Tour": Storm chaser Brian Barnes will provide a series of lectures custom designed specifically for this exciting 6-day tour during the "prime time" of the May storm season in the Great Plains. Brian will present a series of detailed discussions and lectures ranging on topics from understanding and forecasting with a Skew-T diagram, understanding basic storm structure and dynamics, severe storm interception strategies and much more. If you want to tune up your supercell forecasting skills - this is the tour you don't want to miss!

Tour 4 - "Master Class Tour": This tour is not for the faint of heart. If you consider yourself a "thrill seeker," this is the tour you'll want to be on! Need we say more?

Tour 5 - "Photo Workshop Tour": Join our team and expert photographers on this 6-day adventure tour that has been specifically created for photographers. This tour will stay out later than other tours for the best chances of capturing amazing supercell driven lightning shots. This tour will also have a slightly different interception technique than our typical tours - instead of getting in "close and tight" with a storm, this tour will take a step back to take in the incredible awe-inspiring structure of the supercells that we intercept specifically for photography. But, don't let that fool you, just because we won't be directly "under" the updraft area (for the most part) you will still need a wide angle lens to capture the scene! In fact, the wider the better. It is recommend to bring an SLR camera with: 70-200mm lens, a wide angle of at least 24mm and a sturdy tripod. You will also find a remote trigger useful, as well as polarizing and reverse neutral gradient filters.  

Tour 6 - "Awesome Upslope Tour": In mid-June, typically, surface flow begins moving upslope into the high plains of Colorado. The end result is what is known as the "Denver Convergence Zone", or more commonly, the "Denver Cyclone". This surface low feature is notorious for creating beautiful supercell storms along the front range of the Rocky Mountains, tornadoes are common.

Tour 7 - "High Plains Drifter": In mid-June, it is common for the jet stream to retreat further north in the high plains above Nebraska, as this happens the upper-flow also slows down a little, which helps slow down the forward speed of supercells, making them much easier to intercept. Typically, the most chaseable and photogenic storms will happen during the last weeks of June, but there is a lot of chasing real estate to travel and we will be drifting from state to state across the high plains quite a bit from day to day.


Tour Deposits

Non-Refundable Deposit Required for All 2015 Tours: $750.00 USD 

Financing Available

Financing is available through PayPal's Bill Me Later. Just select the "Bill Me Later" option after you have filled out our customer reservation form. We will automatically transfer you to PayPal's secure server for you to select your payment option.

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Tour Discounts

  • Returning Tour Guest
    - 10% Discount (Applies to single tours only).
  • Multiple Tour Discount
    - Signup for any 2 consecutive tours and get a 10% overall discount.
  • Room-Sharing Discount
    - $150 off for 6-day tours ($75 per-person).
    - $250 off for 10-day tours ($125 per-person).
  • Group Discounts
    - Groups of 4 or more will receive $99.95 off per-person.
  • ARRL Discounts
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  • * First Time Customers Only

Tour Schedule Information

Clients will need to arrive at least the day prior to the first chase day as noted on the schedule.  It is recommended that you book your departing flight as LATE as possible on your departure day.  Storm chasing often requires driving long distances and it's not unlikely that we will have to do a lot of driving on the last day to come back to the base city.  If you're flying out on the next day, you'll want to have as much time to recover from the long drive as possible.   

May tours will be conducted from Oklahoma City, OK.  The airport code is "OKC".

June tours will conducted from Denver, Colorado.  The airport code is "DEN".

Brian Barnes will be conducting our May tours in 2015.  If you book a May tour, you can expect to be chasing in areas such as the Texas panhandle and along the dryline in western Kansas, as well as throughout Oklahoma from the Interstate-35 corridor to points west.  Brian was raised in Oklahoma and the Southern Plains is his speciality.  If you're looking for "dryline magic" that has created hundreds of tornado outbreaks throughout history - Book a tour in May!  

With the addition of Tony Laubach to our team as our June Tour Director, the June tours will now be conducted from Denver, Colorado as opposed to Kansas City (where we based June tours in the past).  Tony is a one of the most highly skilled "High Plains" storm chasers on the planet and was part of the "Storm Chasers" television series on The Discovery Channel.  He has chased along front range of the Rocky Mountains for over a decade and is literally one of the best in existence. Colorado is a special place because the slope of the land in eastern Colorado helps create additional lift for amazing supercells, even on days with lower dewpoint temperatures.  If you're looking for later in the season chasing with incredible vistas and plenty of storm days - Book a tour in June! 

What's included and how it works

Your tour fee covers your accommodations starting from the arrival date (as listed on the schedule) until the last day that we bring you back to the base city hotel. You will be responsible for your meals and incidentals only (e.g., room service, in-room movies, etc...)  Flights to and from the base city are not included and must be arranged separately.  Due to airport policies our commercial vehicle is not allowed to pick-up or drop-off customers at the terminal, however - our base city hotel will provide transportation between the airport and the hotel.  Shortly before your tour begins, the Tour Director will contact you to provide you with the correct phone number to call and request a pick-up from the airport.  Once everyone is at the hotel, the Tour Director will provide everyone with an up to the minute pre-tour weather briefing.  Please be advised that weather is fluid and extremely dynamic, it changes from day to day, therefore, we only forecast one day at a time, and in most cases - hour to hour!  Everything is covered for you - so all you have to do is sit back, hold on and enjoy the tour!