1. You should open the windows before a tornado to balance the pressure inside your home.

In the event that your home is under a tornado threat do not waste valuable time opening windows, instead, get to your tornado safe spot as soon as possible! The assumption here is that due to pressure changes that occur with tornadoes, opening a home’s windows will balance the pressure and save the structure. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Most structural failures are caused by the loss of the structure’s support system, which in most cases is the roof. This happens when winds push their way into a structure and become “trapped” with no way out and more incoming winds preventing the wind inside the structure from escaping.

Satellite tornado moves across road.

When this happens, the air is forced up and thus the roof is removed. As soon as the roof is removed the structure losses its support system and walls can collapse. This is why the safest place in your home is an interior room with no windows. Do not waste precious time opening windows during tornadoes, chances are the debris from the tornado will do that for you anyway and you don’t want to be in the path of flying glass!