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If you’ve always wanted to experience the thrill of the planet’s most intense thunderstorms -  we offer the adventure of a lifetime!

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We have been featured on The Weather Channel, CNN, Fox News, ABC, CBS, NBC and numerous of cable networks such as The Discovery Channel and National Geographic Television.  We been exclusively featured in documentaries such as "Our World: Storm Chaser" produced and broadcast by the BBC throughout Europe, "Wild Photo Adventures" on the PBS Network in the United States and The Discovery Channel's "Storm Chasers" worldwide! 

Our storm chasing team consist of the most experienced storm chasers and severe weather meteorologist in Tornado Alley and we have a 100% safety record that we're extremely proud of.  If you're looking for a storm chasing getaway, you have found it!


NBC Brian Williams Tornado
TOUR 4 watched a large wedge tornado develop from a rotating wall cloud near Bennington, Kansas on May 28th.  The video is so incredible that we've already posted it to our YouTube channel and linked to it on the right side of the home page (third video on the right).

storm chasing tours group with large wedge tornado near Bennington, Kansas 

Amazed Storm Chasing Tours Customers Can't Believe Their Eyes on Tour 4!

Tours 1, 2 and 3 have been extremely busy with over 20 tornado interceptions.  Below are a few images of some of the more photogenic tornadoes we've intercepted. 

Texas Tornado 

This dusty tornado was intercepted near Floydada, Texas on May 23rd, 2013 on Tour 3.  

Newcastle Tornado

Tam Barnes and tour customer Barry give the thumbs up near Newcastle, Texas during Tour 2! 

2015 Storm Chasing Tours 

May 2015 tours will be conducted from Oklahoma City and lead by Brian Barnes and our June 2014 tours will be conducted from Denver, Colorado and lead by Tony Laubach.  Please see the bottom of our Tour Schedule page for more information.

We offer a wide variety of incredible storm chasing tours ranging from 6 to 10-days each, if you're looking for a longer storm chasing experience, please select two back-to-back tours and receive a discount.  

Every tour that throughout it's decade long history has intercepted at least one storm with an active Tornado Warning.  This is because of our knowledge, our experience and our dedication to get our clients to the best area for supercell thunderstorms each and every day.  

Not everyday will include storms - that's just a rule of nature (not ours), but when there are storms to be seen, it's our promise - we'll get you there!  

If your tour doesn't see any Severe Warned thunderstorms, then we'll give you $300.00 off the next time you chase with us!  Guaranteed! 

Campo Tornado


Kansas Tornado Chasers


storm chasing group with tornado
Tornado Chasing