Storm Chasing Tours in Tornado Alley!

If you’ve always wanted to experience the thrill of the planet’s most intense thunderstorms – we offer the storm chasing adventure of a lifetime!

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Our storm chasing tours consists of the most experienced storm chasers and severe weather meteorologists in Tornado Alley and we have a 100% safety record that we’re extremely proud of. If you’re looking for a storm chasing adventure getaway, you have found it!

We have been featured on The Weather Channel, CNN, Fox News, ABC, CBS, NBC and numerous other cable networks such as The Discovery Channel and National Geographic Television. We have been exclusively featured in documentaries such as Our World: Storm Chaser, produced and broadcast by the BBC throughout Europe, Wild Photo Adventures on the PBS Network in the United States and our team has appeared on The Discovery Channel’s Storm Chasers worldwide!

We offer week long and 10-day storm chasing adventure tours in the heart of Tornado Alley.  All tours start in a selected base city and from there, we will spend most of the tour following the best chances of severe storms throughout America’s Great Plains. On the last day of the tour, we end up back in the base city where we started for your convenience. The tour price includes the tour, our severe weather team of expert forecasters, and hotels during your stay.



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