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Storm Chasing Tours in Tornado Alley!

Join adventure-packed storm chasing tours in Tornado Alley lead by world-class storm chasers and experience the planet’s most intense thunderstorms for the adventure of a lifetime!

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storm chasing tours
Storm chasing tours start and end in the same base city for your convenience. The tour price includes the chasing tour, our severe weather team of expert storm chasers, and hotels during your stay. After you reserve your tour, all you have to do is book your flight to the base city. There is even a shuttle service to pick you up at the airport.

We regularly travel up to 400 miles per day during our storm chasing tours. Depending on the weather, we’ll leave the base city on the first day of the tour. As a result, it’s not uncommon to stay in a different town, or sometimes state every night. Storm chasing is typically a late afternoon activity, so we’ll spend most of the day traveling to our target area. Once there, we’ll chase our target storm and then travel to our hotel for the night. At the end of the tour, we will return to the base city for your departure flight.

Looking for comfort? We don’t think you’re a sardine – everyone gets a window seat! We only put six persons in each vehicle and our primary storm chasing van has bucket seats throughout. Our vehicles are also custom-built for the demands of storm chasing, mechanically and electronically.

We’re social! Check out our videos on and join us on Facebook! Feel free to Contact us if you have any questions prior to booking. We also have a page explaining some of our most commonly asked questions. Making a reservation is easy, simply select the tour of your choice from our Tour Schedule to get started. You’re just one signup form away from the storm chasing adventure of a lifetime!

2023 Storm Chasing Tours

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Tour 1
Southland Supercells Tour
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Tour 2
Dryline Insanity Tour
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Tour 3
** Peak Season **
Master Class Tour
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Tour 4
Flying Cow Tour
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Tour 5
Wicked Weather Photo Tour
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Storm Chasing Tours ReviewReal Customers. Real Reviews!

Storm Chasing Tours ReviewStorm Chasing Tours Review

Storm Chasing Tours Review
Real Customers. Real Reviews!
Storm Chasing Tours Review
Storm Chasing Tours Review