» » » June 07, 2016: Pikes Peak Tornado Warned Hail Storm

June 07, 2016: Pikes Peak Tornado Warned Hail Storm

Usually, while conducting a storm chasing tour, we normally stay in the plains, but there are occasions when we break from tradition.

During the first week of June, a high-pressure ridge had set up over the plains which shut down the possibilities of storms there. But, in situations such as this, you can usually depend on the mountains to provide some lift which will create rotating thunderstorms capable of producing lots of hail and even a few tornadoes from time to time.

In fact, El Paso County Colorado has more hail storms per year than any other county in America! So, we took a day trip up to the summit of Pikes Peak and watched the clouds begin to build. Once we were so cold we could no longer stand to be there, we traveled back down and jumped into the middle of the hail storm as if moved off the mountain.

This is one of the many ways that our team always gets our customers great storms, even when the weather pattern shuts down the action in Tornado Alley!