» » May 21, 2016: Leoti, Kansas Tornadic Supercell

May 21, 2016: Leoti, Kansas Tornadic Supercell

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The beginning of an extended week-long severe weather episode. On May 21st the storms were few, but the prize was a big one. What started as a somewhat messy cluster of storms eventually transformed into one of the most beautiful supercell thunderstorms I’ve seen in the Great Plains in more than 25-years!

It was a fairly classic triple-point set up, very common in western Kansas. Warm and moist air flooded into the region from the south as a dry line strengthened near the Colorado-Kansas border. The dry line is a boundary between dry and moist air, acting as a conduit for storm formation. In addition, a warm front draped across the area. The warm front helped turn a mess of storms into a more focused zone of intense activity. From there, a magical scene was born.