» » May 23, 2016: Night time Tornado near Turkey, TX

May 23, 2016: Night time Tornado near Turkey, TX

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Days like this are both frustrating and rewarding.  The day ended with a tornado forecast validation, however, the tornado happened after dark which not only makes it much more difficult to obtain any good photos of the tornado, but changes the way in which was pursue such a storm due to possible flash floods in the hilly terrain of the central Texas Panhandle after dark.  We began the chase while flying the drone and captured some nice video of the beginning stages of the supercell while it was still over farmland.  The storm began to rapidly intensify and came very close to producing a tornado quite a few times during the daylight, but never fully matured to that stage.  Just after sunset, when we were almost ready to give up on it, it produced a tornado.  We had to move further away than we’d normally attempt for safety reasons, but were able to setup a few cameras and take some extended exposures that captured the tornado when lightning was able to backlight it.