» » May 25, 2016: Abilene Kansas Wedge Tornado

May 25, 2016: Abilene Kansas Wedge Tornado

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Three years ago while conducting a storm chasing tour, we sat in a small parking lot off a highway near Bennington, Kansas and watched one of the most amazing tornado events in history – a large, potentially violent EF4 tornado that traveled less than half a mile in 30 minutes.  It didn’t hit any structures and due to that it was only able to be rated an EF4 based on measurements from mobile doppler radar, which was parked just down the road from us.  Today, we sat in that exact same parking space and watched the birth of another tornado, which did turn out to be large and violent and unfortunately damaged some property, but thankfully there were no injuries.

Unlike the Bennington Tornado, this tornado traveled quite a distance, I think better than 40-miles total.  After the large wedge finally roped out, the supercell spent some time recycling and produced several other tornadoes that were able to intercept as well.