Storm Chasing Tours Review


Real reviews by real customers on our storm chasing tours. Roo is from the UK and while on a trip traveling around the globe, he joined Tour 4 in 2016. While storm chasing with, he witnessed more than 30 tornadoes during his 6-day tour!

The first tornado was difficult to see because it happened at night in the Texas Panhandle. The following day, we drove from the Palo Duro Canyon to northwest Oklahoma in preparation for a big storm chasing day. And, a big storm chasing day it was! By the time the sunset over western Kansas, the tour group had witnessed more than 24 tornadoes in a single day near Dodge City, Kansas!

And then, we intercepted another three tornadoes following that in northeast Kansas the very next day!

All in all, Roo’s tour witnessed more than 30 tornadoes on their 6-day storm chasing adventure in Tornado Alley!

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Storm Chasing Tour Customers

Real reviews by real customers on our storm chasing tours. Not only are they real, but they come back to chase storms with us year after year, meaning you will very likely meet some or all of them while chasing storms with in Tornado Alley!

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